Monday, February 10, 2014

Bulalord: ('Yung Sinusutsot) Pinoy Version of Flappy Bird

The most trending game today which ravaged the"download" button of iTunes and Google Play Store, Flappy Bird. A 2D game created by Dong Nguyen of Vietnam and is being distributed by Gear. Who wouldn't fall in love with a simple yet extremely challenging game?

The goal is to pass through a gap of two pipes without colliding with any of the two. It sounds simple but it's actually harder than it appears to be. Random sized pipes will appear as the game goes by which makes it harder for you to concentrate leaping from time to time with great accuracy.

The game have had its huge followings here in the Philippines. Much to the fancy of Flappy Bird gamers, they've even produced a Pinoy version of it called "Bulalord". Some notable changes include, "Boy Bulalo's" head instead of the bird and then the pipes were also replaced by cup noodles. LOL.

I think most Filipinos will be able to relate to this game because it was just about a month ago when "Boy Bulalo" became the talk of the town. He went to a bakery intoxicated, demanding for a bulalo. Bakeries offer pastries and breads but they tried their best to give the man the closest product that they have to satisfy his cravings. They gave him " Bulalo cup noodles". This enraged the man and said that he wanted the real bulalo, "Yung Sinusutsot" . haha .. I laughed my heart out with that "sinusutsot " term I don't know why. By the way, that probably means extracting the bone's marrow by sipping through the hole.

Just search "Bulalord" download on Google. You can download it for free. Happy gaming!

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