Monday, February 10, 2014

Flappy Bird Game Maker Commits Suicide

The " Flappy Bird Drama" is getting more intense right now, this game has been showered with bloody incidents the moment it took the limelight. And the worse incident among those happened just a few moments ago. 

Dong Nguyen
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It has been reported that  Dong Nguyen, the Flappy Bird game developer's corpse was discovered in his home. The authorities confirmed that Nguyen actually committed suicide. The wound on his head served as a proof that he aimed his head and let a gunshot end his famed life as a game developer turned celebrity. Rumors has it that his hit game, Flappy Bird is the main reason why Nguyen was encouraged to commit such crime. 

Meanwhile, the Flappy Bird death curse have been spreading around like plague. Today, a total of seven cases of suicides were reportedly occurred in the U.S. This could be the outcome of Nguyen's decision to take the game out of the Market. 
Yesterday, a news broke out about Nguyen's problem incorporated to the overexposure that he is receiving because of Flappy Bird. He says that the game took away the peace that he once enjoys and he wanted the media to leave him alone so he decided to take down the game from Android and iOS stores. By the way, the game was earning aroung $50, 000 a day. I am saddened by this incident. I wouldn't be depressed if I'm earning something as huge as that.

This news was reported by "Huzlers"
Whether you enjoyed reading this news or not, I will just leave the task of identifying its legitimacy to you guys.

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